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Are you exploring aged care options and feeling concerned about your finances?

We help you with the transition to Aged Care for yourself or your parents, by giving you quality aged care financial advice to secure them a better future.

Stronger, Better Financial Position

 If we are not able to place you in a better financial position, you won't be charged for your service.

Initial Consultation Free Of Charge

Your first meeting will be free of charge, to ensure you feel we are the right fit for you.

Genuine Care For You & Your Parents

Everything will be done to ensure you are able to secure the best quality of care for your parents.

Speaking So You Understand

Always speaking to you in plain English – no complicated jargon or confusing industry lingo.

why choose us?

Why Choose Coast Financial Planning?

  • Through better structuring of your finances, we are able to secure you better quality care than you may have thought you could afford.
  • Using a clear and transparent voice, we provide you with the education and the tools you need to help plan for your future.
  • You'll be guided through the Asset and Income Test, which is designed to maximise your aged pension, along with potentially reducing daily means tested fees and increasing your cash flow.
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What's Next

  1. Your first meeting will be scheduled. Lasting for roughly one hour, this meeting is free, and will be used to establish an idea of your financial position and circumstances.
  2. From this information, we will develop a 'financial picture' and visualise with you your financial future. Fees for the service going forward will also be outlined during this session.
  3. Recommendations will be devised, designed to fit in with your goals and assist you in achieving the financial future you desire.
  4. A second meeting is scheduled, where we present to you our recommendations and show you how to maximise your aged pension, ensuring a stronger income and contributing toward your aged care expenses in the most tax-effective way.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What upfront costs will I need to pay towards Age Care?
Our Gold Coast financial advisor can help you determine how to pay for your accommodation. This may involve a lump sum payment, regular instalments or both.  

How much will I pay for ongoing care?
There are strategies available to minimise the fees you pay. The decision to maintain ownership of your home or to sell can be an important factor, along with your investment decisions. A poorly executed plan on the other hand, can result in a lower Age Pension and higher age care costs.  

Should I keep my home or is it better for me to sell it?
There are many considerations to be made in the choosing what to do with your family home. Should you choose to keep your home, strategies will be discussed in paying the agreed accommodation costs, and what will become of your home for social security and aged care purposes. Should you ultimately sell, the best opportunities will be identified in investing proceeds from the sale, along with recommendations for striking a balance between generating an income, maximising Age Pension and minimising aged care fees.

How can I afford to pay for ongoing care?
Through assessment of your investment options and other financial circumstances, we will help you maximise your income as much as possible.

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What Our Clients Say

"Can't thank Trish and her team enough for the amazing advice and support they gave me when I was going through a very difficult time this year. Trish certainly is very knowledgeable and her communication and efficiency were very much appreciated. I highly recommend their services. They are to be congratulated on providing amazing service and support. Truly a wonderful team."

"Tricia has always been very open and honest regarding all our insurance needs – she has helped us to find the best packages for our business and personal needs and always tailor made anything to suit our circumstances.She also ensures she has all information necessary to ensure we are comfortable and understand exactly what we have signed up for. When we needed to make a claim Tricia organized everything for us and the experience was easy and fast – which was much appreciated. It can be pretty mind boggling but nothing is too much for Tricia and she explains everything thoroughly, all in all we recommend Tricia for her experience, honesty and integrity."

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