Self Managed Super Fund Advice

Do you want to take control and achieve your financial goals?

Are you tired of not having any control over your future or when you will be able to retire?

If you answer yes to the above then Self- Managed Super Funds may be for you.

Self- Managed Super Funds are for those of you that like to keep control of your own destiny, they are for people like you that would like more control of what happens with your hard earned money.

SMSF’s means you can invest your money in alternative investments such as Real Estate Property. Business Real Estate, Gold Stamps and so on.

SMSF’s mean you can control your own retirement benefits by being the Trustee you can dictate where and how you are paid at retirement.

You have control over the death benefits, as a trustee you dictate exactly where your funds go.

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You can also make large cost savings on the fee’s that the Retail Super Funds would charge you.

Self-managed Super Funds are not for everyone, however they can help you to take control of your future and your destiny.

They are for the people out there who like to have control of their own investments and have a sound knowledge of where or what to invest in.

There are pros and cons for Self-Managed Super Funds and when you’re planning for your future you need to carefully consider all those good … and not so good points … so that you can choose the fund that delivers the outcomes you want.

Here at Coast Financial Planning we offer you the guidance and advice you need in easy to understand English so that you can make the right decisions when you’re planning for your future.

You tell us what you want for your future and we’ll give you the choices of where best to have your super, what investment options to have and what protections you can put in place to achieve your future goals.

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What Our Clients Say

"From our first meeting Nick made us aware of our financial potential, helped us to set goals and take the right stepts towards making our goals a reality. His support and advice has been invaluable to our family. We would be happy to recomment Nick because he goes above and beyond to ensure you have the correct information and advice to move farward financially."

"Nick has helped us to consolidate our various superannuation accounts into one place. He has also reviewed our Life, TPD & income protection insurance and advised us on the types and levels of cover required. We have found that advice and service excellent and when we did have to make claim on income protection Nick took care of all communication with the insurer which made the process less stressful than it otherwise might have been. I am no expert in the world of financial advice and do not have a lot of experience with other advisors in Hervey Bay but i can honestly say that i have found the advice, support & service to be excellent and for those reasons I am happy to recommend Nick to anybody who is looking for a professional to assist them in this area."

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